Out in Rome and At LAX Airport

On April 19, Dakota was photographed while walking the streets of Rome, Italy with Jenda. Also, on your arrival at the LAX airport in Los Angeles on April 20. Be sure to visit the gallery to see the latest photos added!

» Candids > 2018 > Apr 19 | Spotted going for a night walk with Jenda in Rome, Italy
» Candids > 2018 > Apr 20 | Arriving at LAX Airport

Dakota in Rome, Italy

On Tuesday, April 17, Dakota was seen in Rome walking with a friend. In addition, the next day Dakota with Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Piera Detassis attended The Alienist panel during Netflix ‘See What’s Next’ event at Villa Miani. Be sure to visit our gallery to see the latest updates!

» Candids > 2018 > Apr 17 | At LAX Airport In LA
» Candids > 2018 > Apr 17 | Spotted Going For A Walk With A Friend In Rome, Italy
» Appearances > 2018 > Apr 18 | Netflix See What’s Next Event In Rome