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Sep 2018
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The 75th annual Venice Film Festival is in full swing in Italy and this year marked a major milestone for Dakota Fanning.

Dress in white at the festival on Sunday, the actress was spotted heading out to attend a screening of her directorial debut, Hello Apartment.

Fanning’s short film, written by Liz Hannah, who co-wrote Steven Spielberg’s “The Post,” is about a young woman’s life as revealed through her apartment. It stars Eve Hewson, Tom Sturridge and Christina Rouner.

Fanning has long been a friend of the fashion brand so when they approached her to make a short film, she was ready to jump on board.

“I’ve wanted to direct something for a long time, ever since I can remember. It’s the only other thing (besides acting) I’ve wanted to do,” she says. “They held a spot for me to direct. I was so scared, but I felt very safe doing it with Miu Miu and Mrs. (Miuccia) Prada. They are so supportive and creative. I feel so blessed that my first experience directing was filled with such freedom. I was able to tell whatever story I wanted how I wanted and they were just there to help me along the way.”

The story of “Hello Apartment” took on more poignancy for Fanning as she arrived in Venice on Saturday. She’d just moved out of her first apartment after seven years the day before. “I said goodbye to it for the last time yesterday; Goodbye apartment! I’m still feeling emotional about it,” she says. Fanning wanted to capture that feeling in her short. “It’s about how our memories are connected to the spaces that we experience them in. It was inspired by living in that apartment, becoming more independent as each year went by and becoming a young woman. I moved in at 17; I’m leaving at 24. I wanted to capture that feeling in the film.”

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