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Aug 2018
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Finally, TNT confirmed that Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl and Luke Evans would return with their respective roles to a new season of The Alienist. The new season of the series, which will actually be a sequel will be titled “The Angel of Darkness”, inspired by the 1997 book by Caleb Carr.

Depending on when production starts, The Alienist could be returning in January 2019. And there are likely to be again 10 episodes in the forthcoming run.

  • Synopsis:

“A year after the events narrated in The Alienist, the cast of characters from that novel are again brought together to investigate a crime committed in the heady days of New York in the 1890s, but this time narrated by the orphan Stevie Taggert.

A young child, the daughter of Spanish diplomats, disappears. It seems she has been abducted but no ransom note is received and the detective Isaacson quickly discover that a nurse, Elspeth Hunter, is probably the kidnapper.

They also discover that Hunter has been a little too closely connected with the death of three other infants. But what are her motives? She married a fortune, and although she is connected to some fairly rough villains this crime does not fit their modus operandi.”

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